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Stakeholder Engagement
CPDC is committed to guarding the interests of stakeholders; therefore, we set our goal of sustainability to achieve effective communication and responses. We committed to building the foundation of our business on the corporate values of "Respect, Achievement and Care" and "sustainable contribution to the greater good of society and mankind".
Investor Relations

CPDC designate the Investor Relation Office to communicate with investors. We regularly publish annual report, financial report and monthly financial statements, and convene annual shareholder meeting and provisional hearings. We also publish material information in a timely fashion in order to keep communicating with investors.

Investor Contact information: :Cherry Chuang
Contact: 886-2-87878456

Customer Relations

Customer-orientation is the key to business success. Guided by this principle, CPDC pursue to create a win-win business with our customers and maximized the social values through business operations with integrity. We are dedicated to the continuous development of innovative products and improvement of manufacturing technologies.

Customer Contact information:Rick Kao 

Supplier Relations
CPDC takes the initiative to communicate with the suppliers and contractors on the problems and issues in industrial safety and environmental protection and supervises them to analyze the incidents, clarify the causes and make improvements. At the same time, CPDC audits the suppliers, contractors and waste disposal contractors from time to time to ensure that their operations meet the standards required by laws and regulations.

Supplier Contact information:Celine Chang
  Supplier Contact information:Hsu, Hsiang ling 
Community Relations

CPDC's three manufacturing plants in Toufen, Dashe and Xiaogang are located in the designated industrial parks. Our ultimate goal is to become an integrated part of the communities. Being accepted and supported by the local residents and competent authority are crucial for us to operate harmoniously and sustainably. CPDC implemented different modes of communication at different plants according to local customs and issues concerning the community and residents. Our ultimate goal of effective communication is to create harmonious environment together with local residents.

Communication channel and hotline of Toufen’s community
Contact information:Kuo-Hwa Hsu
  Communication channel and hotline of Dashe’s community
Contact information:Chin-Yi Lee 
Communication channel and hotline of
Hsiaokang’s community

Contact information:Bao-Fu Hsieh
  Communication channel and hotline of Anshun’s community
Contact information:Richard Wu
Employee Relations

Employees are valuable assets of CPDC and only healthy and happy employees will bring high productivity and competitiveness to the Company. CPDC set up comprehensive communication policies to facilitate development of a healthy workplace in CPDC through listening, intervention, communication and response.

Open channel for employee communication and contact information
Contact information:Jack Lee
Other stakeholders

CPDC is committed to making maximum effort to communicate with our stakeholders and continues to report its performance, as well as its vision, goals and achievements in sustainable development to the stakeholders.

Contact information:Cherry Chuang