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Global Outlook
Global Outlook

Global Outlook

Develop the two business lines of Petrochemical and Land Development. Deploy overseas and in the mainland China market as a new growth engine.

CPDC aims to focus on “Petrochemical” and “Land Development” as a two-pronged strategy for future development of the Company. To solidify and develop the core petrochemical business of the Company, we continue to optimize our current product competitiveness, develop diversified, high value products, and establish intelligent management systems. We aim to create long-term sustainable operational profitability and overall competitiveness. For land development, we continue to search and deploy towards overseas regions that indicate strong potential for investments, that provide environmental, energy-saving, and carbon capturing green construction products. Also, we continue to take advantage of the trends of economic development, searching for new growth engines for the Company.

In the future, CPDC will maintain our business principles of excellence, innovation, respect, care and being environmentally friendly. We aim to create continued vitality and operational energy towards providing customers with the most suitable products and services. Through further investments and focus on the two major business lines of petrochemical and land development, we shall ensure that we maintain our long-term competitiveness in a rapidly changing industry environment. Concurrently, we shall continue to strive towards achieving our corporate vision and development targets.

Solidify the Core Petrochemical Business

Optimize current product competitiveness:

  • Continue our commitment to equipment improvements, debottlnecking products, and capacity expansion, with the aim in becoming a top 3 CPL and AN producer in the world.
  • Increase materials and product shore tanks, strengthen material procurement and product sales flexibility.
  • In response to the global trend of energy savings and carbon reduction, we continue to cut greenhouse gas production, striving towards clean production, a circular economy, and green factories as our goal.
  • We continue to search and obtain key material inputs from overseas markets that are highly competitive, in an effort to build an integrated production site that improves production efficiency and expands towards the mainland China and international markets.

Create diversified, high value-added new products:

  • Improve and achieve a higher value-add from Nylon products, speeding up the brand awareness of our Nylon products, and develop downstream high-end engineered plastic products.
  • Develop derivatives products such as a new catalyst and high value added acrylate products, speciality chemicals, and functional polymer products to achive better profitability.

Construct intelligent management systems and standards:

  • Construct a real-time audio/visual management and surveillance center, and continue to execute corporate reform projects that strengthens core management competencies.
  • Speed up the development of intelligent factories and intelligent factory management platforms that reduce labor costs per factory and improve management efficiency.
  • Cultivate talented personnel with market sensitivity and creative thinking skill sets. Through talent retention and selective dismissals, we aim to improve our human resources while continuing to invest, train, and differentiate through performance bonuses to achieve the appropriate scale for the Company.

Promote the new Land Development Business

Create greater value-add through land development :

  • The Company has multiple old factories located in the Kaohsiung Multi-functional Commerce and Trade Park and in the Qianzhen district in Kaohsiung City. With the Kaohsiung City government’s urban development plans for the New Bay Area construction and the removal timeline of the 205 munitions factory, progress towards related development plans should improve land valuations, and maximize land asset values for the Company.

Advocate green buildings and diversified innovation:

  • We aim to popularize vertical green building, pursuing large tree planting in every floor in high- rise buildings all over the world.
  • We are planning mass-market, low material cost green housing projects, providing high quality and reasonably priced options.
  • From the architectural building itself, we advocate the development of a carbon-absorbing civilization, where residents through childhood education and daily lifestyle habits, achieve a balance with the environment, and growth towards a society that naturally promote and engage in carbon reduction and energy saving activities.
  • Respect the natural environment and create an environmentally-friendly living environment with architecture, art, humanities and cultures and public welfare.

Develop efforts in overseas real estate development

  • We search for overseas land development opportunities, deploy resources towards areas with investment potential, and accelerate the pace of entry to the global markets. Therefore, expand the scale of our land development business and maximize benefits.

Initiate New Growth Engines :

Develop new business, promote international growth

  • Take hold of global economic trends, with an entry into new industries such as biotechnology and environmental protection, seekingi new opportunities for the Company.
  • Progress towards a TWSE, OTC, or overseas-listed holding company structure, to achieve our goal of international development.