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Acrylonitrile (AN)
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Ammonium Sulfate (AS)
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Specialty Chemicals
O-phenylphenol (OPP)

O-phenylphenol belong to the down-stream derivatives of cyclohexanon, an organic chemical raw material of CPDC for vertical integration, has a very wide range of applications. It has been widely applied to high-end optical materials, electronic materials, disinfectants, antiseptics, to synthetic new type resins, and so on.

Application of downstream derivative

File Download:79GHS-o-phenyl phenol(SDS)

Engineering Plastic PA6

Nylon PA6 is polymerized by caprolactam. Based on nylon PA6 have high mechanical strength, good abrasion resistance, good oil resistance, good chemical resistance, and excellent melting flow in processing, we use compounding to upgrade those special performance. These composite materials are named engineering plastics. Engineering plastics always be used in the automotive industry, electrical appliances, machinery equipment, construction and other consumer goods. The following picture is Engineering Plastic PA6’s application and specification.

File Download:Engineering Plastics Nylon 6

File Download:Reinforced Nylon

File Download:Impact-modified Nylon

UV Curable acrylate monomer

Methacrylate monomers are mainly used in resins, solvents, coatings, adhesives, oil additives, dental products, textile emulsions, leather and paper finishing as monomer or co-monomer for solution polymerization or suspends polymerization.

File Download:CPDC TDS of DMAEMA

Hydrogenation Services

A variety of substrate that contain unsaturated bond were hydrogenated under high temperature or pressure in the presence by using the catalyst that developed by CPDC R&D Center.