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HCN is a tar-free and polymer-free transparent liquid. It is a raw material for manufacturing MMA. MMA can be used to produce organic glass, PVC ACR and MBS. Other applications of MMA include comonomer for acrylic fiber production, ion exchange resin, paper glossing agent, textile dyeing aid, leather handling agent, lubricant additives, crude oil deflocculating agent, lumber and cork soaking agent, electrical coil soaking agent, insulation material, and plasticizer. Another application of MMA is in surface coating where MMA is used to produce solvent-based paint, water-based paint, and latex paint and widely applied in furniture, automobile, construction, and decoration industry.
ACN is the raw material for producing acetonitrile. The main applications of acetonitrile include the use as solvent and vitamin A synthesis. Moreover, ACN can be used to produce vitamin B1 and amino acid active solvent. It can also be used as a substitute for chlorinated solvent, vinyl coating, extracting agent for fatty acid, alcohol denaturing agent, butadiene extracting agent and acrylic fiber solvent. In addition, it also has many applications in textile dyeing , illumination industry, fragrance manufacture and photosensitive material manufacture.
Application : Battery, electronic, telecommunication, national defense related precise industry.
Manufacture : By direct vaporization and absorption of oleum
Quality : Meet ACS reagent grade of USA and MOS grade for semiconductor
Delivery : Customer's tank car
Product Spec : H2SO4:min. 97%
  Iron:Max. 0.2ppm
  Chlorine:Max. 0.2ppm
  Color:Max. 10APHA